NZ Herald by Hunter Calder – 15 Sep, 2018 

Morse Gang are a hip hop and rap group touring New Zealand, but they’re doing it a little differently. In each town they visit they’re volunteering in the community as a way to help communities out.

The Kiwi musicians are based in Australia but this is their first time touring Aotearoa.

“It’s not just about doing shows,” Tour Co-ordinator, Mary Ngaronga said. “The boys wanted the opportunity to reach their people beyond the music so with the nationwide tour, also getting into the community and giving back in that way, just to counterbalance from the show and follow up on their music.”

In Hamilton, they teamed up with St Vincent de Paul taking kai to people in need. Before starting Ngaronga gave the band a pep talk.

“Just be yourselves and you’ll get to see what it’s like for reals out there in the community, for the people out there how many families are struggling, yeah it’s pretty bad.”

Morse Gang rapper, Entyce Cherrington was excited to help and see the Hamilton streets for himself.

“A lot of our music is about uplifting our people and the community – it’s one thing to do on a song and another to go out actually do it,” Cherrington said.

Out on the Vinnies van they visited low-income areas, handing out sandwiches, cordial and milo to kids waiting eagerly on the footpath.

Vinnies Community Centre coordinator, Casey Touiua said the need for help just keeps getting bigger.

“We have tripled from last year, approximately helping over 2,000 people a month.
We have two vans that go out 3 nights a week and one 5 nights a week.”

For Morse Gang and the entourage, it was an eye-opening experience of the financial struggle that’s going on in our own backyard.

“Just seeing the kids tonight was crazy,” said Morse Gang Rapper, Renata Te Koari aka Remorse. “It pulls your heartstrings, man. It was pretty emotional.”

His partner, Alisha Samuel aka social media sensation Lingynoiid, said going out on the vans reminded her of the struggles she faced when she was a solo mother.

“I imagined the embarrassments that the parents may have felt, that their kids had to run outside and grab food because they couldn’t provide for them,” she said.

“I remember I had to go without food for two weeks because the priorities were my children and that’s the most degrading thing as a parent.

Morse Gang will perform in Hamilton tonight (15th September 2018) as part of their twelve-city tour around Aotearoa, alongside Lingynoiid who is also touring her Diamonds in the Rough show.