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Thank you so much John and St Vinnies.

The children had such huge smiles as they opened their presents. The other boys got Lynx and body wash which they were over the moon with and have been nagging their mother for days for her to buy for them. The middle boy got chocolates and warehouse vouchers which is great as the warehouse is a 5min walk from their house.

The girl got books and a makeup case and she cried she was so happy, and the little boy got puzzles and water balloons which his older brother eyed up as he opened them up. They we all so happy!!!

In other news we battled through with WINZ today but got everything she needed. I have been approached by a few volunteers with the difficulties they have been having with WINZ. If anybody needs some advice with this feel free to email me or txt 021 507 593.

I hope everything else is going well with you and your families



Hi Mike

Just wanted to say many thanks for all the Christmas gifts that we were able to give our families from your service this year – we had a lot of thanks from all the children and their parents and it is always lovely to see when they are genuinely grateful for receiving gifts they didn’t expect to get – we all received plenty of hugs and a few kisses which was so cool.

The two families who received the food hampers were in tears – the Miller family have been through a really tough time lately – Sarah is on our Big Brother’s Big Sister’s programme and has been matched with a female mentor for over 3 years, her grand-mother has been living with cancer for as long as we have been involved with the family and sadly Mum has just had her leg amputated in the last month due to cancer also, probably a well-deserved hamper – big hugs from Mum.

Our other family – the Clarke family – are living in pretty difficult circumstances – Mum has just had her children returned to her care and there are now 5 of them living in a 2 bedroom flat which we are hoping to change in the new year by supporting them into a better living situation – their grandmother is also living with them at the moment due to having leukaemia and being unable to care for herself – Mum was so grateful for the hamper she couldn’t quite believe it was for her.

Once again Mike – thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to be able to give the families who are in need this year – your service is so important to us & our families.

Have a cool Christmas & New Year


Ali & the rest of the team at Hamilton Police Youth development/Taiohi Toa 


Dearest Mike

On behalf of our CEO and her management Team and the staff of Kaute Pasifika, I would like to say thank you very much for the lovely toys we had for our children. And of course we had the biggest lists of children.

Mike we are very grateful and thankful for the new toys received for our kids.

Most of the staff stated:

“The kids we so HAPPY they came outside with big huge smiling faces to receive their gifts”.

One staff stated “Four children from different families were running around saying – Santa is HERE, MUMMY look at Santa with my gift”.

I went to a few families and one of the little boy’s gave me a BIG HUG and laughing when he saw the bubbles…. He took it and ran outside with his cousins playing with it.

Our kids from the playgroups – they were delighted and saying THANK YOU to the two teachers who were delivering the gifts. ACCORDING TO THE TEACHERS SOME OF THEM STATED, Oh……. Thank you Santa….. thank you for the lovely gifts…….

Mike even our STAFF – they were so HAPP and thankful to see so many toys for our KIDS …..

Our PI church ministers were so delighted and thankful for the lovely and beautiful toys received for their kids.


Peta already asked the staff for photos to send to you. Am sure you may receive them in Jan 2016.

Mike I am proud of you and with all your lovely staff for the lovely and tireless work you are doing for the less fortunate families in our religion.

Have a joyful Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year. Please pass on our FAAFETAI LAVE AND THANK YOU TO COURTNEY AND HER TEAM FOR THEIR LOVELY WORK