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    Donate Time

We Need You to Donate Time!

The motto for St Vincent de Paul is People Helping People, so it is not surprising that our volunteers are very important to us. More than that, we need you to be a part of this ever growing family.

We offer a personal touch in all our services, recognising each and everyone’s human dignity while we strive to live the best we can.

We always need reliable volunteers to donate time by helping in a variety of different ways in our shops and beyond.

 In each Catholic church parish is a Vinnie's conference , their work is to visit people who are lonely, live alone, sick or in rest homes and create a buddy system with those people so that they do not feel isolated from the community. The visit may just be a cup of tea and a chat or a wee bit of gardening. It is the connection the conference's make that is the key to ensure those people know that the community has not forgotten them. Some people have no Family close so this is important work.

Conferences may complete other projects but connecting to those who feel they have been forgotten is vital to our mission



Why Volunteer?

Top 5 reasons to volunteer for St Vincent de Paul:

  1. You will be making a difference in the world, starting at the local level by
    1. Supporting our Welfare Groups
    2. Encouraging recycling and upcycling
    3. Local works
  2. You will be gaining valuable work experience
  3. You will be working in a team with other caring people
  4. After 3 months we can give you a reference
  5. You get to see the new stock arrive in shops…